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How to Apply

Apply for Tenth and Home (Family Housing Apartments):

To be eligible to live in Tenth and Home Family Housing Apartments, a student must ...

  • be currently enrolled or admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology for the semester housing is requested
  • be married and/or a single parent (have legal custody of a dependent child(ren)
  • have domestic partnership verified by the Office of the Dean of Students
  • be a single graduate student

  • Application and pre-payment:

    Before an application can be processed you MUST submit a $300 application prepayment. (A one-time, non-refundable $80 application fee will be subtracted from your prepayment. The remainder will be applied to the first month's rent.)

    To make a prepayment online:

    Submit Supporting Documentation:

    • Fax (404.385.0726) or mail to GT Family Housing Office (mailing address: 251 10th Street, NW Suite A-153 Atlanta, GA 30318
      • A copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate(s) of dependent children
      • A copy of domestic partner verification from the Office of the Dean of Students
    • At move-in, you must bring your supporting documents (*):
      • Your original marriage certificate (**)
      • Birth certificates of children, if applicable.
      • Domestic Partnership verification from the Office of the Dean of Students (**)

    * If the document(s) are not in English, they must be translated by an authorized agency.

    ** needed to list the spouse and/or domestic partner on housing roster, and to provide an additional apartment key.

    Select Apartment:

    Once you have accepted your online contract and your supporting documentation has been received the Department of Housing will e-mail you. We do our best to assign residents to their preferred building as availability allows, however we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your building choice. In the event that your desired space is not available, we will assign you to the next available unit. Contracts are not terminated if desired space or style is unavailable.

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